Set of 200 A-Z Initial Wax Stamps, Vintage Alphabet Seal Wax Stamps for Wedding Invitations, Gifts and Wine Packaging Decoration


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  • ADVANCED LASER ENGRAVING: Sometimes love may be hazy beauty, but wax seal must be clear to be beautiful! Funwr1te uses advanced laser engraving technology to ensure that every design detail is well presented on the finished product.
  • HIGH-QUALITY BRASS STAMP HEAD: Funwr1te chooses high-quality brass as the material for stamp heads. Brass is the best for stamp heads because it is weighty and durable, and the wax comes off of it very well.
  • LARGER IN SIZE-30mm: All the patterns of the Love Series wax seal stamps are beautiful and complex. In addition to the oval-shaped flower bouquet stamp head, the rest stamp heads of this series are 30mm in diameter—the larger the stamp heads, the better the presentation of the beautiful designs.
  • ROMAN COLUMN BEECH-WOOD HANDLE: The handle has a mounted screw at the top, designed for replaceable stamp heads. The charming Roman column handle instantly makes the whole stamp set an elegant art ornament.
  • USAGE: Seal Envelope/ Wedding Invitations/ Christmas Card / Love Letter or Decoration.
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